Prestigious Gödel Prize for Ronald de Wolf

Ronald de Wolf (CWI, UvA, QuSoft) and his co-authors will receive the prestigious Gödel Prize for outstanding papers in theoretical computer science. The Gödel Prize is jointly awarded by the ACM Special Interest Group on Algorithms and Computation Theory (ACM SIGACT) and the European Association for Theoretical Computer Science (EATCS). The prize will be awarded […]

King Willem-Alexander and President Macron went on a quantum tour of the UvA

On Wednesday morning, 12 April 2023, King Willem-Alexander and President Macron visited the UvA’s Faculty of Science. Prof. Florian Schreck and Prof. Philippe Bouyer showed the King and the French president around the UvA’s Quantum Gases & Quantum Information Lab and talked about the promising possibilities of quantum technology. This was followed by a round […]

How to overcome noise in quantum computations

Researchers Ludovico Lami (QuSoft, University of Amsterdam) and Mark M. Wilde (Cornell) have made significant progress in quantum computing by deriving a formula that predicts the effects of environmental noise. This is crucial for designing and building quantum computers capable of working in our imperfect world.

Quantum clocks in the real world

Modern atomic quantum clocks are the most precise and accurate scientific instruments ever created. Currently, these so-called optical atomic clocks are mostly found in physics laboratories, often filling an entire laboratory. The AQuRA-consortium brings together European universities, industry partners and EU metrology institutes in an effort to make quantum clocks more robust and compact. This […]

QuSoft talks at QIP 2023

The international conference on Quantum Information Processing (QIP) is the premier annual meeting for quantum information research. Since the first meeting in Aarhus (Denmark) in 1998, the conference has featured breakthroughs by leaders in the disciplines of computing, cryptography, information theory, mathematics, and physics. The scientific objective of the series is to gather the theoretical […]

Quantuminformatie is als een droom: je kunt er geen perfecte kopie van maken

Door: Dorine Schenk, Bron: NRC De ‘https’ voor een website-url is een protocol dat zorgt voor een versleutelde verbinding tussen jou en die website, zodat niemand kan meekijken als je je adres invult bij een webshop. Nu is dat veilig. „Maar alles wat beveiligd is met https-techniek kan gebroken worden met een quantumcomputer”, vertelt informaticus […]

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