Quantum computing devices are rapidly increasing in scale and complexity. However they are still very far away from the abstract ideal of a computer, and an important part of making them better is designing procedures that characterize errors and noise in an efficient and robust. Do you enjoy working at the intersection between physics and computer science? Are you comfortable with mathematical work and interested in applying those skills in a practical setting? Then CWI invites you to apply for a PhD position where you will research characterization procedures for quantum devices, in the context of the Dutch Quantum Delta Initiative. 

What are you going to do?

As part of your PhD project, you will develop and mathematically analyze new procedures to characterize quantum computing devices. The scope of this position is mainly theory-focused, but collaboration with experimental teams is an option. Possible research directions include:
– Develop new characterization procedures based on the shadow estimation and randomized benchmarking
techniques and (possibly) help experimental teams with implementing them in practice.
– Study analytical tools such as random circuits, unitary k-designs and pseudorandom unitaries, prove theorems
about them, and apply them in the context of quantum characterisation.

You will work under the supervision of Dr. Jonas Helsen and be a part of QuSoft, the Dutch research institute for quantum software, which houses experts on all topics in quantum computing. Together, the local institutes form a rich research ecosystem with opportunities to work together with computer scientists, physicists and mathematicians from the various groups situated at the Amsterdam Science Park.

You will:
– Research near-term quantum computation, by developing new characterization procedures and by
mathematically analyzing their properties;
– Publish and present your work in international conferences and journals;
– Be an active part of the local research groups at CWI and QuSoft

Deadline: May 1st.

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Do you have a passion for computational chemistry and are eager to employ quantum computing methods to study complex chemical systems?

The Computational Science Lab within in the Informatics Institute is offering a PhD position focusing on the design, implementation, and validation of electronic structure calculations on current and forthcoming quantum computing hardware. You will not only design quantum software for such applications, but also test these on quantum emulators and actual quantum computers. For the latter you will collaborate with supercomputer centers in Germany that are currently deploying such systems as accelerators for current (petascale) and future (exascale) supercomputing systems.

The research will be carried out in collaboration with the Computational Chemistry group, embedded in the Van ‘t Hoff Institute for Molecular Sciences (HIMS), of the University of Amsterdam and with the Centre for Computational Science at the University College London.

The offered position will also be linked to QuSoft, the Dutch research center for quantum software & technology.

For more information and to apply visit this link .

Deadline: 30 April 2024.

The Mathematical Institute of the Faculty of Science, Leiden University, offers a PhD position on the topic of Algebraic Quantum Algorithms. The successful candidate will be working with both Peter Bruin (Leiden) and Maris Ozols (University of Amsterdam/QuSoft). The PhD candidate will be primarily based in Leiden, and will also be able to spend part of their time at QuSoft. The goal of this PhD position is to develop new quantum algorithms using techniques from algebra and number theory.* Deadline: April 2nd, 2024* For more details, see the application page:https://www.universiteitleiden.nl/vacatures/2024/q1/14601-phd-candidate-in-algebraic-quantum-algorithms* Note that the application also includes a set of challenge problems:https://pub.math.leidenuniv.nl/~bruinpj/challenge.pdf

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