First Quantum Delta NL Award for Stacey Jeffery and Julia Cramer

The first ever Quantum Delta NL Award was won by Stacey Jeffery (CWI and QuSoft) and Julia Cramer (Leiden University) for founding and developing WIQD – Women In Quantum Development.

WIQD’s mission is to bring women quantum researchers from industry, academia and policy together, to form a professional and informal network.

Back in 2020, Stacey Jeffery said: “The idea to establish WIQD arose when I heard about the ‘leaky pipeline’ of female talent in science. Somehow, women leave science at a higher rate than men. I was wondering why more women are dropping out of science, and why I had stayed.”

She soon found out the answer might lie in her own informal network of colleagues, mentors, and friends.

“I noticed it’s easier to find your way around as a scientist when you’re from a big group, and can rely on their advice. Also, a bigger network allows you to see more role models and different types of scientists.”

Since its start, WIQD has grown a lot and the team has done many good things to improve inclusivity for women and gender minorities. Inspiring!

Thanks to Stacey Jeffery, Julia Cramer and the rest of the team – Judith Kreukels, Yvonne Smit, Mathilde Lemang, Garazi Muguruza Lasa, Caiseal Beardow, Alicja Dutkiewicz, Vandana Dwarka, Marieke Kootte, Miriam Lucio Martinez, Rima Schüssler and Taryn Stefanski.

Ronald Hanson, Chairmain of the Executive Board of Quantum Delta NL, handing over the first Quantum Delta NL Award Award to Julia Cramer for WIQD; Stacey Jeffery not in this picture. Picture: Quantum Delta NL.


The Quantum Delta NL Award was handed over during a ‘Nodes of One Network’ event on 15 June 2023.

Want to collaborate with WIQD? Send an e-mail to Project Coordinator Judith Kreukels at contact (at)

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