Quantum.Amsterdam is live!

QuSoft, national research institute for mathematics and computer science (CWI) and The University of Amsterdam (UvA) have jointly established a new innovation hub for developing quantum software and applications. The Quantum.Amsterdam hub aims to connect the ambitions of leading knowledge institutes and industry partners. Today they have launched their new website. Have a look at it out yourself!

The main purpose of Quantum.Amsterdam is to boost the innovation and economic development of quantum technology. The hub aims to build a strong quantum development infrastructure and organize intense collaborations in key quantum areas.

Collaborations will be strengthened between leading knowledge partners (QuSoft, CWI, UvA, Amsterdam University of Applied Sciences (AUAS), VU Amsterdam and SURFsara), technology companies, and an industry network that has a strong interest in exploring and developing new business applications. Parties is this network include ABN AMRO, Amazon, Atos, Bosch, Capgemini, Deloitte, IBM, ING, ORTEC, and Rabobank.

In this way, Quantum.Amsterdam will provide access to powerful research facilities, infrastructure, and tooling. Also, it will act as a hotspot for talent, create high-potential start-ups. For a growing quantum community, the hub will provide training, education, and inspiration.

Quantum Delta NL
The Quantum.Amsterdam hub is part of the Dutch nationwide program Quantum Delta NL. Building on the Netherlands’ strong reputation in this field, the program aims to further strengthen the country’s position as the leading region in the EU for quantum technology. Read more

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