New lectorate Applied Quantum Computing

CWI and the Amsterdam University of Applied Sciences jointly establish a new special lectorate in Applied Quantum Computing. The lectorate supports the quantum software institute QuSoft in bridging the gap fundamental quantum research and quantum applications.

The new lectorate facilitates QuSoft in exploring which quantum computing applications are feasible in the future. It will study how quantum algorithms and protocols developed within QuSoft can be further turned into applications. Furthermore, knowledge gained within the lectorate will also be used for educational resources.

Fraud detection and drug discovery

In order to translate theory into application, the group will work with industry cases. QuSoft has already joined forces with partners such as ABN AMRO and Bosch, exploring how quantum computing could enhance industrial processes. One example of such research is using quantum approaches to enhance fraud detection at banks, combining techniques from artificial intelligence with quantum computing algorithms. Another example of an industrial case would be the discovery of new drugs, accelerated by new quantum simulation algorithms. For quantum 

Connecting knowledge to society

QuSoft is a collaboration between CWI and the University of Amsterdam, and serves as the Dutch research centre for quantum software. “This collaboration supports CWI and QuSoft in further connecting our academic knowledge with real-life applications and practice-based education”, says Victor Land, Institute Coordinator at QuSoft. “Simultaneously, it helps us to enlarge and strengthen our industrial networks, creating even more opportunities to connect our knowledge to society.”

Major global development

The Amsterdam University of Applied Sciences (AUAS) has appointed Marten Teitsma as special lecturer for Applied Quantum Computing, starting on 1 September 2020. After earning a PhD in artificial intelligence, Teitsma expanded his activities towards education development. At the AUAS he has initiated various activities in the field of quantum computing. Teitsma: “With this special lectorate, Dutch higher professional education will be connected to a major global development. The consequences of quantum technology are not yet foreseeable, but will potentially affect our lives in many ways.”

The AUAS is the first university of applied sciences in the Netherlands to establish a lectorate focused on quantum computing. The lectorate is co-funded by Regieorgaan SIA, the Dutch Taskforce for Applied Research.

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