QuSoft Retreat 2024: A Perfect Blend of Work and Relaxation on Texel

From June 4th to 7th, 2024, the QuSoft community gathered for their third annual retreat, a tradition sparked by Harry Buhrman to enhance connection within the group after the isolating COVID-19 period. This year’s event took place in a charming house in De Koog on the island of Texel, continuing the tradition of fostering collaboration […]

Quantum algorithms are a (random) walk in the park

Quantum computers are fast, and in the future they will solve certain problems much faster than regular (classical) computers. That creates opportunities, states prof. dr. Stacey Jeffery in her inaugural lecture. Before these quantum computers become a reality, a lot of research into quantum algorithms is necessary. These algorithms will be the key for lightning […]

Registrations open for Harry Buhrman’s farewell on June 3rd

On 3rd June, CWI and the UvA organize a farewell symposium to celebrate the many contributions Harry has made to theoretical computer science and to quantum computing over the course of his 30+ years in Amsterdam, including his co-founding (together with Kareljan Schoutens) of the research center QuSoft in 2015.

Florian Schreck wins Physica Prize

The 2024 Physica Prize was awarded to UvA-IoP and QuSoft researcher Florian Schreck. Schreck receives the prize for his work on Bose Einstein condensates and their applications, such as building a coherent and continuous atom laser. The prize will be awarded during the annual FYSICA conference in Eindhoven on 12 April.

Congratulation to Pietro Richelli for his QuSoft Master Certificate

Since 2021, QuSoft offers a certificate for MSc students at the University of Amsterdam that have demonstrated extraordinary commitment to quantum information science and have carried out their MSc thesis research project at QuSoft. Requirments for obtaining the certificate are: – Successful completion of three courses coming from at least two categories (see below). – […]

PhD defences in October

QuSoft is proud to announce that two junior members will defend their PhD theses this month: On October 12thMatteo MazzantiAgnietenkapel, 10:00Trapped Ions in Optical Tweezers. And Their Applications to Quantum ComputingPromotor: Rene Gerritsma. Copromotor: Arghavan Safavi Naini.       On October 20th Ward VleeshouwersAula, 11:00Unitary Matrix Integrals, Long-Range Random Walks, and Spectral StatisticsPromotores: Cristiane de Morais Smith and Vladimir […]

QuSoft has a new director

We would like to congratulate Christian Schaffner for being appointed co-director of QuSoft, next to Harry Buhrman, and to thank wholeheartedly our former co-director Kareljan Schoutens for the many years of work

Will quantum computing help AI?

QuSoft is excited to welcome a new member on board, Amira Abbas, a young talented researcher who did her PhD in South Africa at the University of KwaZulu-Natal and collaborated with IBM Research and Google Quantum AI.

Quantum Impact on Societal Security (QISS) opens various new positions

A consortium, led by Dr. De Haro of the University of Amsterdam, received a 1M euro grant to study the social impact that quantum computers will have on cybersecurity and cryptography. The research consortium, named Quantum Impact on Societal Security (QISS), consists of various leading partners, such as QuSoft, Rathenau Institute, De Nederlandsche Bank, ABN-AMRO, and […]

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