Ten QuSoft papers were accepted at the Quantum Information Processing 2024 conference!

The Quantum Information Processing 2024 conference is one of the most important appointments for the theory and software side quantum science and technology.

QuSoft is proud to list a rich number of contributions to this conference.

For the 2024 meeting the following papers from QuSofters were selected:

1. Alex May, Rene Allerstorfer, Harry Buhrman, Florian Speelman and Philip Verduyn Lunel. Relating non-local computation to information theoretic cryptography2. Bartosz Regula and Ludovico Lami. Reversibility of quantum resources through probabilistic protocols3. Dmitry Grinko, Adam Burchardt and Maris Ozols. Gelfand-Tsetlin basis for partially transposed permutations, with applications to quantum information4. Hayata Yamasaki, Kohdai Kuroiwa, Patrick Hayden and Ludovico Lami. Entanglement cost for infinite-dimensional physical systems5. Howard Barnum, Cozmin Ududec and John van de Wetering. Self-duality and Jordan structure of quantum theory follow from homogeneity and pure transitivity6. Jop Briet, Matthias Christandl, Itai Leigh, Amir Shpilka, Fulvio Gesmundo and Jeroen Zuiddam. Discreteness of asymptotic tripartite entanglement measures7. Ludovico Lami and Bartosz Regula. Connecting entanglement distillation and entanglement testing with restricted measurements8. Rene Allerstorfer, Andreas Bluhm, Harry Buhrman, Matthias Christandl, Llorenc Escola Farras, Florian Speelman and Philip Verduyn Lunel. Making Existing Quantum Position Verification Protocols Secure Against Arbitrary Transmission Loss9. Rene Allerstorfer, Matthias Christandl, Dmitry Grinko, Ion Nechita, Maris Ozols, Denis Rochette and Philip Verduyn Lunel. Monogamy of highly symmetric states10. Yanlin Chen, András Gilyén and Ronald de Wolf. A Quantum Speed-Up for Approximating the Top Eigenvector of a Matrix

And of course we took the time to celebrate the achievement!

Congratulations to all those who will shine on the meeting stages.

QuSoft cake served at the coffee corner!


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