What is it like to research quantum computers and the quantum internet?

Postdoctoral researcher at QuSoft, Yfke Dulek, and Sophie Hermans (QuTech) have recorded an episode together for the podcast “Radio Swammerdam”. In this episode they talk about building quantum computers and the quantum internet, how to secure them, and what it’s like to conduct research in this field. 

On January 31, the interview was broadcast on the local radio station RadioSalto, which can be heard here. You can also find the interview via Soundcloud or Spotify.

Radio Swammerdam is a weekly radio program about science. Their editorial team consists of seven Amsterdam students or recent graduates with a passion for research. Scientists go to their cozy studio to explain their research extensively and in an accessible manner. You can listen to the conversation every Sunday between 11:00 and 12:00 on RadioSalto. Or you can listen to us as a podcast on Soundcloud, Spotify, iTunes or another podcast platform. Radio Swammerdam is named after the naturalist Jan Swammerdam (1637-1680). He wrote about insects and human physiology. 

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