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2nd General Assembly of the Quantum Software Consortium

On Friday June 21, 2019 the second QSC General Assembly will take place at Zuidas Business & Conference Center, Amsterdam. Everyone is welcome to attend the second QSC General Assembly. Registration is free but required, please send an email to: Susanne.van.Dam@cwi.nl

The technical program is finalized (with some modifications compared to the preliminary announcement) and features the following talks:

– Sebastian de Bone (QuTech): Creation and purification of GHZ states from EPR pair configurations
– Peter Bruin (UL): On quantum computation of Kloosterman sums
– David DiVincenzo (Jülich Research Center & Aachen University & TU Delft): Constructing the quantum computer – the role of model building
– Shelby Kimmel (Middlebury College): Path detection: A quantum algorithmic primitive
– Benjamin Wesolowski (CWI): Quantum algorithms for finding short vectors in ideal lattices
– Ronald de Wolf (QuSoft & CWI & UvA): The potential impact of quantum computers on society

Additionally, Harry Buhrman (QuSoft & CWI & UvA) will present a progress report on the QSC.

For the detailed program and for further information, we refer to the attached file and the QSC website

Click here for more information.

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