Nederland, Amsterdam, 2014
prof. dr. Harry Buhrman, CWI
Foto Bob Bronshoff

Quantum Random Walks and Quantum Algorithms

From 7 – 12 December, the Quantum Random Walks & Quantum Algorithms will be organised at the Lorentz Center @ Snellius. Please, read along for more information.

Transportation, communication, energy, social and financial networks form the backbone of our modern society. To deal with the uncertainty, variation, unpredictability, size and complexity inherent in these networks, we need to develop radically new ways of thinking. Progress is expected to come from a combination of stochastics – to model, understand, control and optimise large-scale networks – and algorithmics – to efficiently compute network properties and design distributed decision algorithms.

Classical random walks have been used successfully to model a variety of phenomena in physics, chem- istry and biology. Over the past century a vast body of knowledge has accumulated, leading to a better understanding of the basic processes underlying these phenomena. Classical random walks also play an important role in the development of classical algorithms, for instance, to explore the architecture of large networks or to find fast ways to optimise their performance. Much less is known in the quantum setting, for which there are many open questions and many key challenges. One of the goals of the workshop is to bring together the classical and the quantum community, and look for common ground. Quantum computers are the next generation computing devices. They hold an enormous promise to revolutionise the way we process and handle information throughout science, technology and society. Quantum algorithms are a powerful means of efficient computation. Quantum random walks are a key tool in developing these algorithms.

Download the program from this link.

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Workshop Coordinator: Sietske Kroon, Tel: +31 71 5275585

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