Quantum entanglement can make communications more efficient

Entanglement – a quantum mechanical correlation between particles that can exist even over long distances – might be used for future ways of communication. Teresa Piovesan of Centrum Wiskunde & Informatica (CWI) and QuSoft in Amsterdam studied whether the transmission of information can be made more efficient using entanglement. Positive examples can be found in […]

New PhD candidate at QuSoft: Joris Kattemölle

Meet Joris Kattemölle who started as a PhD candidate at QuSoft on 1 October 2016. Research at QuSoft Together with Jasper van Wezel (IoP), I work on ‘emergent physics in quantum computation’. Imagine a pen balancing on its tip. The slightest breath of wind can make it fall in any particular direction.  Many-qubit systems are prone […]

Livestream keynote Harry Buhrman at Alert Online Awareness Symposium

On 13 October 2016 at 1 pm QuSoft director Harry Buhrman will give the keynote at the Alert Online Awareness Symposium, which can be watched live online. This symposium is organized by KPN and part of the annual awareness campaign Alert Online which aims at increasing awareness on cyber security and to promote cyber secure […]